Services Overview

Services Overview 2020-11-16T13:16:14+00:00

At our premises in Southend we segregate and then process a variety of WEEE and metal-bearing products.

Equipment is first categorised by staff into homogeneous waste streams which will be treated based on metal content, hazardous items, and value. This information is logged and reported to clients to comply with all environmental regulations and in most cases to generate an important revenue return.

Hazardous components are removed by staff before we mechanically shred items down to liberate the valuable materials contained within. Depending on the process or end-user, these shredded fractions can be anywhere from 10-30mm.

Altech processes material through several further downstream processes including granulation, screening, magnets of different field strengths, eddy current separation, as well as air density, optical and zigzag separators to recover valuable resources from more complex waste streams.

Bulky or oversize products can be cut or baled depending on end-user requirements. These capabilities mean there are very few items we are unable to completely process in-house and lets us also offer an array of solutions to other recyclers.

Secure Processes:

Hard drive destruction to a particle size of less than 30mm (down to 10mm on request) with a 24-hour CCTV monitored site and secure systems.

Altech also has a 24-hour tracked vehicle for our clients’ complete peace of mind.